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The windmills often seen in rural America stand tall, looming over the fields and plains that stretch out as far as the eye can see. They are a symbol of a time gone by, a time when the land was worked by hand and the water was drawn from the ground by the power of the nature. But even now, as the world changes and the old ways fade away, the windmills still stand, their lattice towers reaching towards the sky, a reminder of the past.

In the heat of the day their blades are silent and motionless. But as the sun begins to set, a breeze begins to stir, and the blades start to turn, creaking and groaning as they awaken from their slumber. Slowly, they gain speed, spinning faster and faster until they are a blur of motion, pumping water from the earth and sending it on its way to where it is needed.

For those who live in rural America, windmills are more than just machines. They are a part of the landscape, a constant presence that is always there, watching over the land and the people who work it. They are a symbol of self-reliance and hard work, a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of those who came before.

As the years pass, the windmills become more and more rare. They are replaced by electric pumps and other, more modern technologies. Yet, for those who remember a time before, windmills remain a cherished part of rural heritage. They stand as a reminder of a time when life was simpler, and when the ingenuity of man, mixed with a little help from Mother Nature, made it all possible.

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