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Hogeland Service
Primrose Congregation

Two different Lutheran churches more than 1200 miles apart, and yet they are similar in so many ways. I made both of these two photos approximately seven years apart.

The top photo was taken inside Hogeland American Lutheran Church in Hogeland, Montana. The bottom photo was taken inside Primrose Lutheran Church in rural Belleville, Wisconsin. Both are located in very rural communities and the people who belong to each are all very similar. Both are beautiful, rural churches with equally beautiful and rural congregations. And despite how far apart both churches may be, three people on this planet have stepped foot in both places; Pastor Ronald Nybroten, his wife LeMay Nybroten, and yours truly.

Small world. Maybe we have a lot more in common with those from far away than we both realize. I hope you enjoy both photos.

Totally Tack
Groups of Things

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