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Down That Dusty Trail

Earlier this year I had some cowboy photographs and an article I wrote appear in Men’s Journal magazine. Here is that spread, and here is the article I wrote for them: Each fall in Montana, cowboys and cowgirls still lead cattle drives pretty much the way they always have. With grit, guts, and gumption. A horseshoe’s toss from the …

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21st Century Cowboys

See More Photos Every member of his family has done it almost exactly the same way for more than a hundred years. Only the names have changed. Nestled near the Powder River and well off the beaten path in southcentral Montana is the Stewart Ranch—a fourth generation operation that has raised cattle in these parts …

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Revisiting Ryan Dam

Some years ago, I was asked to photograph Ryan Dam, which is ten miles downstream from Great Falls, Montana on the Missouri River. One of the photos would end up being 12 photos in total, each meticulously stitched together so it could be printed large. Very large. In fact, that photo now hangs inside Great …

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Lost Montana

The flat, open plain of north central Montana, out in the middle of nowhere, is the last place you would expect to find a church. Surely this one was built in better times.

Big Sky Ranching

Montana, the fourth largest state, is largely known for its mountains in the far western part of the state. Its name, after all, comes from the Spanish word montaña for “mountain.” But east of those peaks, a far larger slice of the state is defined by its expansive prairies, the Missouri River, and its many …

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