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Occasionally I will go back and pluck some previously edited photos from my portfolio and try my hand at editing them again. This usually happens if I like a photo but was unhappy with how it turned out in the digital darkroom AND after some years have passed and my digital darkroom techniques have improved. Such is the case with the photo below.

Some might call this “digitally remastering” an older image. Whatever you call it, it is an improvement over its predecessor. At least I like to think so. The photo on the right is the old edited version and the photo on the left is the newly edited version. Move the slider to the left and right and you can see the difference between the two. There’s a huge difference. There’s much more detail in the image on the left, and that’s what I like. I hop you agree that the photo on the left is much better.

Percent of Land Devoted to Farming
Video of My First Branding

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