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I’ve had a few posts go viral over the years, but nothing like this.

This past week Havre, Montana was in the news. This doesn’t happen very often. In fact, I don’t know another time Havre, Montana received so much attention. Why? Well, if you’re anywhere near Havre you already know the answer. On Monday and Tuesday Havre was hit with an early season snow storm, which made headlines around the world. I posted a photo of mine to fill in some friends about the storm and it went viral.

If you look at my image above, one of my blizzard photos and post received over 1 million views. That’s incredible. Never before have I had a photograph seen by so many in such a short span of time.

The first blizzard of 2017 resulted in widespread power outages and downed trees in Havre. A total of 15 inches of heavy, wet snow fell on the tiny northern Montana town, which was a new record for a snow storm in the month of October. The previous record was 8.6 inches, which fell on October 4, 1914. And not far from Havre on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, 30 inches of snow fell during the storm. One drift was reportedly eight feet high according to

Many days after the snow began to fall, Havre was still without power.

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