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The new and improved website is live! There are a few minor cosmetic changes and some keywords/titles to fix, but for the most part Phase I is complete.

Click on the “Image Info” button for each photo to learn where it was taken and the keywords I have used for each. Click on a keyboard or a location and see more photos using that search term or use the convenient Search bar that is accessible on each page.

You can order prints and other merchandise of each photo by clicking on “Image Info” and using the “Buy a Print” link if it appears. If it does not appear, just email me and I will upload the photo to the printer so you can order merch.

Phase II of my website rebuild will be completed before Christmas. It will include:

– 1000 or more new photos uploaded, including many more black & white photos
– A new blog that includes all past articles too
– A new home page with a list of my services and capabilities
– A published page w/examples of published work
– A newsletter sign-up area and archives of past newsletters
– A “members only” area that will include exclusive content and tutorials to help you learn photography, photo editing, etc.
– A client access portal
Phase III will be completed next year and that will include a brand-new store, additional marketing tools, and my AgPics stock photography website for me and my associates.

Please take the site for a test spin and let me know what you think.

RFID Technology for Ranchers
S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

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