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This is a photo of a farmer from Circle, Montana I made in May 2016. I consider it one of my best photos of the past year. I hope you agree, too.

Every year about this time I take a moment to reflect on what I accomplished in the previous year. Sometimes I surprise myself. Other times I wish I had accomplished more. Such is the life of a photographer.

Photographers cannot keep making photos the same way. They must constantly improve their craft and learn new things to remain fresh. Failing to do so usually results in being left behind and ultimately losing sales.

I was happy with a lot I accomplished in 2016 but I could have done much more. I had some health issues that got in the way of doing more, so in 2017 I am dedicating myself to getting healthier. If there was ever a motivation for getting healthier it is my photography. I enjoy agriculture photography so much that it compels me to get healthier and in better shape. The only reason I did not accomplish more in 2016 is because I was ill. That must change in the coming months and years.

This newest gallery I have added to my website is a collection of what I consider to be my best photos of 2016. It’s always hard picking the best, but I was happy with my selections this year. So take a moment to rewind the past year with me and see what images I considered the best. Maybe you have a favorite. Maybe there was a photo or two you wished made the cut. If so, let me know.

To see more of my galleries of farm and ranch photography (and other subjects too), CLICK HERE.

Used Massey
Cowgirl Sass

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