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My photos are seen here on display at New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays in Hamilton, New Zealand, the largest agricultural trade show in the southern hemisphere.

Earlier this year I was hired by an ad agency in New Zealand to photograph ranchers in Montana using Te Pari Products RFID tools and technology in the field for an ad campaign and trade show. You can see some of those RFID and vaccination photos in my photo gallery. That trade show, New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays, starts today and the trade show display for Te Pari is impressive and it features my photos in the large (see above).

Fieldays is the premier agricultural trade show in New Zealand and is the largest agribusiness event in the southern hemisphere. Every year Fieldays attracts over 130,000 people from all over the world. Fieldays presents New Zealand’s agricultural and primary sector with an international marketplace to advance agriculture, while honoring innovation, education and international business.

The photo above is one the first I have been able to glean from the trade show in New Zealand featuring my agriculture photography. You can see my photograph front and center over the entrance above, and another photo is in the distance in the middle near the white tent.

New Zealanders consider it an honor to see products manufactured in their small country exported overseas. It is one reason Te Pari wanted to feature my photos of American agriculture in their large trade show display. Their trade show booth, I’m told, is quite a spectacle. They shipped a 3/4 ton Ford pick-up truck to New Zealand. Large American style pick-up trucks are not seen on the roads overseas. The display will also feature other American agricultural icons, such as a windmill, red barn, and jack leg fence.

I personally consider it an honor to have been hired by Te Pari to work on this project and it is a joy to see my ag related photos in use in such a way. I will share more photos with you as they become available.

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