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One of my greatest joys in life is heading out into the world in the wee hours of the morning after a big winter storm has blown through and making winter photography. The high-pressure system has moved in. The sun has come out and is as bright as ever. Roads have not been cleared yet, and all of that perfect, virgin snow as far as the eyes can see without a track from animal or beast anywhere in sight. It’s the best time to make winter photography.

I enjoy the solitude of driving rural roads and making winter photographs. It’s a great time to reflect and think only about photography. It takes your mind off of everything that clutters your thoughts. And there are so many opportunities to make great winter photos before the Chinook winds arrive and melt the snows away.

Winter photos don’t always sell. But it really doesn’t much matter if you enjoy photography. Because it’s all about making great photos. And when you do it is more fun and if you make good photos, the sales will come. Eventually.

Sometimes it’s a little crazy to do so. I cannot tell you the number of times I nearly got stuck. And the cold needs to be taken seriously. Very seriously. But if you have all the emergency supplies you need to survive in the elements for a few days (lots of blankets, winter clothing, food, water, etc.), especially in Montana, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s part of the adventure. Often the only people you see are the snowplow drivers. And thank God for them.

I love mornings after the storm and making winter photography.

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