Have you seen my photos of electrical utilities and electrical plant?

When I first began photographing the Montana plains I found it difficult at times to punctuate an image with something in the foreground. An amazing sky, for example, might present itself in front of me, and given the vastness and emptiness of the eastern Montana plains I would have difficulty finding something...anything...to stick in the foreground to help provide scale and depth, or just to make the photograph more interesting. Often times the only object I could find was a row of electrical poles or telephone poles.

Electrical power lines are often the scourge of photographers. All too often these above ground structure clutter and little a photograph. I too find myself wanting to or needing to remove an errant power line or telephone pole from a photograph because it detracts from the image. In Montana, however, I have learned to embrace their existence, as you will see in this gallery of images, which includes photos of electrical utility poles, photos of electric utility plant, and much more.

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