Do you follow me on Instagram yet?

Are you following me yet on Instagram? If not, why not? I have now been on Instagram for a year. And although I don't enjoy the experience as much as I did my experience with Flickr at first several years ago, it has grown on me. What's more, it is like a morgue now over at Flickr so I really don't have much of a choice.

Yahoo really messed up Flickr after they acquired it back in 2005 and every year since the once glorious destination for photographers has declined. Its newest manager, Jeffrey Bonforte, also manages Yahoo's mail platform. I'm frankly shocked he hasn't been fired already given all of the breaches Yahoo has had with its email service and how Flickr has turned to crap. The guy must have naked photos of someone. Verizon is supposed to be buying Yahoo, so hopefully they will show both Bonforte and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer the door and figure out a way to save Flickr, but it will probably be too little too late.

In the mean time Facebook's Instagram has increased in popularity. Very much so. I was hesitant to join Instagram because Facebook owns is and some particularly onerous terms and conditions, but I decided to bite the bullet and joined in early 2016. I guess that made me a late-comer to the platform.

Every morning I post a new photograph to Instagram, so hopefully if you do not follow me there already I hope you will. I look forward to following you back, too.