Dreaming of a better Montana farm and ranch magazine

Up until recently Montana's farmers AND ranchers didn't really have a magazine of their own. Yes, there are magazines that cater to both, but with changing commodity prices and outside influences on both Montana farmers and ranchers, some ranchers are thinking more and more about farming and farmers are thinking about ranching. Diversifying one's portfolio, they say, is always good.

A magazine that promotes Montana agriculture would also be nice. A magazine that bridges the gap between the producer and the consumer to better educate them about the fine food products Montana's farmers and ranchers produce would also be helpful. More marketing never hurts, does it?

There was a new magazine that launched last year, and I was excited. But my love affair with that enterprise quickly soured for a variety of reasons. Now in my spare time I dream about the possibility of creating a new magazine that achieves many of the goals above. If agriculture businesses came together to make a better magazine I would be both feet in. I would volunteer my agriculture photography and my writing and time to build a publication that both educated our producers and marketed their products for them.

Know anyone who might be interested? :)