Photos of country kids featured in Range Magazine photo essay

I have an article (written by me) and photo essay featuring photos of country kids in this month's issue of Range Magazine.

Too often I'm busy making photos of cowboys in my role as a cowboy photographer I'm focused on the adult cowboys and cowgirls, but unlike children who live in the city and in houses away from a working rural environment, country kids also play an active role on the farm and ranch. When I see them along the periphery I will photograph them. After having gathered a collection of country kid photos I finally pitched the idea of doing a story about them to Range Magazine and the editor liked the idea. Below are the results.

If you want to see these photos and my article, along with my cowboy photos on the cover of Range Magazine and other photos of cowboys in the magazine, be sure to pick up a copy on the newsstands or subscribe to Range Magazine online today.