Madison photos on display in Esker SA cafeteria

A printer in Madison, Wisconsin contacted me recently to license photos from me for use in a new cafeteria being constructed at the headquarters for Esker SA; a software company that specializes in document process automation. The cafeteria also serves as a place for casual meetings. The room has a bit of a rustic design, so they selected some of my Madison photos with a bit more of a grunge look. The Madison, Wisconsin photos they chose were printed quite large on a metal substrate to be hung in a room with four booths and high tables. The cafeteria is also replete with a sofa & chairs and a TV too.

This is just one example of the corporate art Todd Klassy Photography can provide right here in Montana, too. I have provided my fine art photography in the past to a variety of different clients to be used in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and office buildings. If you want to learn how I can help you with your commercial art project please be sure to let me know.