I took over the Modern Farmer Instagram account this weekend

This weekend Modern Farmer magazine invited me to takeover their Instagram account and share some photos of the hard working men and women in the Montana beef industry. It was exciting to share my cowboy photos with people who generally are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes on Montana's ranches. Modern Farmer magazine is the #1 farm and ranch magazine in the country and is generally read by small boutique farmers, chefs, and foodies. So in working with the Montana Beef Council I was happy to help spread the good word about one of Montana's most popular agricultural products.

In case you missed all of the action on Instagram this weekend I have included my posts to the Modern Farmer magazine Instagram account below. And if you are also on Instagram and have not yet followed me on Instagram, be sure to do so.

This is a close-up photo of a cowboy's hands. I think it helps illustrate the story of the Montana cowboy. In this photo the cowboy is holding a rope. Aside from the horse the rope is probably a cowboy's most important tool. They use it to snag cattleómany times larger than them or their horse at times. I witnessed several cowboys recently roping a full grown bull so they could pluck porcupine quills from its nose when that oversized Angus got a little too curious for its own good. In this photo you also see the cowboy's hands resting on the saddle horn, which is unique to western roping saddles. Saddle horns are often wrapped with rubber like it is here or some other material such as mule hide, which helps the rope grip the horn. As soon as a cowboy or cowgirl ropes a calf they need to quickly wrap or "dally" the rope around the saddle horn, which is done at great risk to the cowboy or cowgirl. Many ropers have broken and even severed thumbs if they get caught in the dally at the wrong time. Ranching, like a lot of manual labor, can be hard on the hands. Look closely at these hands and you will see how rough and gritty they are. They exemplify the hard work a Montana cowboy does on the ranch every day as they tend to the herd. #iamamodernfarmer #cowboy #ranching #ranchlife #countrylivingforever #longlivecowboys #bigsky #bigskycountry #cows #farmphotography #farmlife #farmpics #work #documentaryphotography #montanaphotographer #praymontana #beef #calves #cattle #livestock #agriculture #montana @ToddKlassy @montanalovesbeef

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Well that's all she wrote folks. My weekend is finally over and so too is my taking the reins of the Modern Farmer Instagram account to share my farm and ranch photography. As the cowboys and cowgirls walk their horses back to the barn and get ready to sit down and eat supper I want to thank Modern Farmer for allowing me to share my farm and ranch photography on their Instagram account this weekend. It was a pleasure to share my job as a professional photographer and photos of Montana's hard working beef producers with its many readers and followers. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing Montana's cowboys and cowgirls though my lens. But I just make the photos. The men and women in my photos deserve most of the credit. They are lifeblood of the Montana economy. Montana beef is some of the best beef in the world. What's more, when you serve Montana beef you are serving more than just meat; you are serving a food that is produced by the caring hands of men and women who take great pride in what they do. Even if they are far too humble to tell you so. If you haven't already please follow me on Instagram at @toddklassy, Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/toddklassyphotography/, Twitter at https://twitter.com/todd_klassy, and/or my website at http://www.toddklassy.com. And also be sure to follow @montanalovesbeef too where you will see more of my photos of Montanaís ranching families through the year and find great inspiration for those of you who are chefs and foodies. Thanks again everyone! Instead of saying good-bye I will just say, "Meet me in Montana." https://youtu.be/8xlpOjcyst8 :) #iamamodernfarmer #equine #cowgirls #horse #bestofequines #youandyourhorse #worldbesthorses #equinephotography #horsephotography #beef #horsesofinstagram #horsephotographer #equinephotographer #ranchlife #openrange #freerange #ranching #montanamade #grassfed

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