Where is the snow?

The beautiful rocky landscape of the rims in the Big Coulee between Ryegate and Rapelje, Montana. → Buy a Print

Where is all of the snow? I have been busy working in the south central part of the state and I have spent most of the winter hoping, wishing, and praying for more snow. But alas, there has been decidedly very little snow. The mountains in Paradise Valley right now are almost bare. Bozeman had snow a couple of weeks ago, but it has all melted for the most part. And with daylight savings time beginning next Saturday at 2:00 AM, I am beginning to think what little snow we got this year is all we'll see.

Above is a photograph I made just in the last couple of weeks. It was taken in the Big Coulee between Rapelje and Ryegate, Montana. A very beautiful place indeed. But I wanted snow. A lot more snow. I curse you El Niño.

I'm often admonished by people in Montana for hoping for more snow. Unless you are a skier or somehow earn a living because of snow, most Montanans seem to dread the powdery white substance. Not me. I like making winter photos of Montana in the snow. Now I"m relegated to dry, barren, brown scenes. Sure, I'll make do. But I worry about the farmers.