Flaxen Layers


A multi-layered landscape of golden barley and wheat outside of Belt, Montana. → Buy a Print


In each of the past ten years the state of Montana has produced approximately 150 million bushels of wheat and traditionally it is ranked third in the nation for all wheat production. Chouteau and Hill County are often the top producers of wheat in the state as they both anchor what is known locally as the Golden Triangle, a region in central Montana in the shape of a triangle that includes Shelby, Havre and Great Falls. This seven-county area produces about 45% of Montana's wheat crop each year.

2016 is not supposed to be a good year for Montana's wheat farmers, but like many who toil in the fields of Montana the farmers seldom complain much. They just get up every morning, work hard, and hope for the best.

This photograph of wheat near Belt, Montana was taken in the heart of Montana's Golden Triangle. I will be making many more photos of wheat and wheat farmers this coming year, too.