Cowboy photo on the cover of American Cowboy

I received news late last week that my photograph of a Lael Barnett, of Havre, Montana, will appear on the October 2015 issue of American Cowboy magazine.

American Cowboy is the premiere magazine dedicated to "the spirit of the American West," which includes features about western music, art and photography, history, travel, rodeo, movies, and other western entertainment, and trail riding. For any professional photographer having your photo appear on the cover of American Cowboy isn't as special as having it appear on the cover of National Geographic. But for those who make photographs of cowboys and cowgirls, then it is much more important.

One more thing. I think it is about time the Hi-Line was represented on the cover of American Cowboy. The cowboys found in northern Montana are maybe located a little more off the beaten path, and they might not be from the big bad state of Texas, but they they very much embody the heritage of the American cowboy and the American spirit. And I think those who know Lael and how humble he is would agree that he makes a very good ambassador for northern Montana's cowboys.

Now it's time for me to make more cowboy photography so I might get on another cover or two in the future.