Photos of harvest 2015 are aplenty

The 2015 wheat harvest kicked off early this year in the Golden Triangle of Montana. Normally everyone isn't going until the first week in August, but this year most wheat and grain farmers are already cutting wheat from one end of the state of Montana to the other.

I've been busy working in the dusty fields of Montana making doing my thing and creating photos of wheat. I still have several more farmers to visit this season and new angles to try. Hopefully I can get it all in.

Wheat photography is a dusty endeavor, though not nearly as dusty as it is for the farmers themselves, who toil in the fields late into the night on many places. This is one of my many wheat photos I have made so far this year. It was taken near Big Sandy, Montana at sunset. The sky was brilliant and I was knew right away it would be a good shot.

Once harvest is completed I will put together a collection of my best 2015 wheat harvest photos and share them with you.