Making wheat photos under the harvest Super Moon

The Super Moon rises over the wheat fields as farmers work late cutting wheat north of Havre, Montana. → Buy a Print

This is just one of the Montana photographs I took last weekend of farmers harvesting wheat. I was especially looking forward to photographing with the full moon rising high above the wheat fields. This particular photograph was taken on the McIntosh farm just a short drive south of the Canadian border off of Wild Horse Road north of Havre.

Prior to photographing the wheat harvest I considered sending in my cameras to have them professionally cleaned. Montana's dust can wreak havoc on my gear. Luckily I held off from doing so because capturing agricultural photography in Montana's dusty wheat fields would have rendered that effort pointless.

I'm plan to photograph more of the harvest this weekend, catching those farmers I missed last weekend. Winter wheat harvest is almost over. I didn't see a single stem of wheat still standing between Winifred and Stanford this week. The spring wheat harvest, however, is just around the corner.

More opportunities to get to my cameras dirty.