Montana is the "last great place"

I recently stumbled into this beautiful artistic endeavor while surfing the net. It is by Katie Barger, a graphic design student at California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles, California. I asked Katie if I could share it with my readers here and she kindly allowed me to do so.

Katie lives in Los Angeles, and judging from my emails with her, she hasn't even been to Montana, which makes this piece of art even more interesting. It is a wonderful example of how people outside of Montana might view the state. 

Katie said she was eager to travel once she graduated from college. Katie said, "Montana has always intrigued me because of its openness and just how opposite it is from Los Angeles. I would love to be able to move some place where you are living in a relationship with nature, not just on top of it."

In the weeks ahead I will share some of Katie's other Montana pieces.

Stay tuned. I know you will.