20+ photos of Havre

The old Cottonwood Lutheran church is abandoned on what is now pasture land north of Havre, Montana. → Buy a Print

Since began my 20+ photos series on my Montana blog I felt I should be dedicating some space in my blog to show those of you who follow me the town in which I reside. That place is Havre, Montana.

These are just a few of the many photographs I have made in and near Havre since arriving here in March 2010. I have so many others I have even made a page dedicated to photographs of Havre. While they may not be perfectly representative of Havre, I think they do reveal how I see Havre through my eyes. I see Havre as one part cowboy town, one part farming town, and one part Indian reservation border town.

Havre is also a center of commerce for the region. It is literally two hours away from the next largest city, which is Great Falls. What Havre lacks in amenities it makes up with small town charm. The people are friendly and there is a lot to explore here. I'll write more about those details later.

In the mean time here are 20+ photos of Havre for you to view.

To see more photograph of Havre please check out my larger gallery of images here: