Floating down the Smith River

I just applied for a permit to float down the beautiful Smith River in central Montana this summer. Making travel photos of Montana beauty such as Smith River would be a blast.

Time is running out for you to apply, too. You should know by now that the Smith River is one of the most beautiful stretches of river anywhere in Montana. What's more, it is teaming with scenic views, rainbow trout, and complete and utter solitude. If you are still looking for that perfect summer adventure and want to get away from all of the distractions of city life, a four to five day trip down the Smith River is the answer.

The only way you can float the Smith River is if you are issued a permit by the Montana's department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. You can also sign up with a local outfitter, but that is a decidedly more expensive option. The deadline for applying for a permit is Thursday February 20th.

Watch this video and I guarantee you too will want to check out the Smith River.