Granary Chill

An old, broken down grain elevator sits quietly in the cold Montana snow near Lothair. → Buy This Print

This was a very cold day when I made this photograph. I left Havre, Montana in the wee hours of the morning thinking it was 11 degrees above zero. When I arrived in Cut Bank, Montana two hours later still under the shroud of darkness with all of my photography gear in tow I learned it was actually 49 degrees...below zero.

This particular photograph of of a typical rural Montana sight and scene was taken in the afternoon. It had warmed up to -30 degrees or -20 degrees (I don't remember). I was kneeling in the ditch along the roadside for only five minutes or so without my gloves on. I still feel the frostbite in the tip of my index finger after making this one. Making Montana photography, especially in the winter, can be hazardous.

Sadly I received news that this beautiful old building was been torn down this past summer. What a crying shame.