First photograph of 2013

An old abandoned house surrounded by wheat stubble and snow south of Lake Elwell in Montana. → Buy This Print

I went exploring early yesterday morning, like I often do on weekends when I'm not working on an assignment. I headed out into Montana's interior south of Lake Elwell in southern Liberty and Toole Counties.

I left Havre at 5 o'clock AM. The skies appeared to have broken clouds, but as is often the case in Montana, the weather can turn on a dime. I drove about 200 miles on gravel roads and (I swear) I didn't pass a single car or truck. While I had fun exploring, the skies turned gray and there was no definition to the clouds. I also had a hard time finding suitable subject matter to photograph. Then all of a sudden the skies parted, the sun began shining through the clouds, and I stumbled onto this small, broken down house in the middle of nowhere. It was a perfect.

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