Winter Playground

A large herd of pronghorn antelope run across a snowy field near just within the city limits of Havre, Montana. → Buy This Print

Shortly after arriving in Montana I learned that many of the locals did not share the same affinity I had for the large herds of antelope that roamed the Montana countryside. Many Montanans, in fact, loathe them. I guess since I come from a state without antelope (or more aptly called, pronghorn) I had less reason not to like them.

I think one of the biggest reason locals don't like them is because they aren't as good tasting as elk, moose, or even deer. They also cause a lot of car accidents. Nonetheless, I love seeing herds moving across the open plains, like the ones I photographed below just outside of Havre, Montana. They are the one bit of wildlife here that truly makes it seem like I'm on the African Serengeti at times.