20+ photos of the Wisconsin State Capitol

The Wisconsin State Capitol just after its lights came on in Madison, Wisconsin. → Buy a Print or License Photo

I will apologize to my friends in Montana in advance. This new photo gallery and collection of 20+ Photos will probably not interest you much. It is a gallery of photos of the Wisconsin State Capitol...not the Montana State Capitol. Why?

Well, in a prior life I made a lot of photos of the Wisconsin State Capitol and was recently contacted by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press to see them because they were looking for a photo for the cover of a new book about the capitol building. Lucky for me they did select one of my photos for that book cover (they selected the photo above). So in order to show them the photos of the capitol I had I created this gallery.

Don't worry Montanans...I will soon have a gallery of photos of the Montana State Capitol too...in due time. And I'm not now making photos of Wisconsin, although I have some. I will continue to make photos of Montana. In the mean time, whether you are from Wisconsin, Montana, California, Iowa, or elsewhere, I hope you enjoy this latest installment of my 20+ Photos series. If not, head on over to Photo Galleries page and check out the rest of my photos galleries. Thanks!