20+ photos of the Kellam Ranch

A cowboy roping calves for branding on a ranch near Cleveland, Montana. → License Photo

Instead of having just one massive gallery of cowboy photos and In an effort to better organize my cowboy photos I have decided to make a separate gallery for each ranch I visit. This is why I have created this gallery of 20+ photos of the Kellam Ranch.

The Kellam Ranch is located south of Chinook, Montana near the tiny unincorporated town of Cleveland. It's a special place where neighbors join from all around to help brand cattle. And they all have fun doing it. For some reason I always get some of my best cowboy photos on their ranch too. The weather always seems to cooperate and the lighting is always very good. I don't know why, but I always appreciate the opportunity to photograph there nonetheless.

Below are the 20+ photos I have made over the years at the Kellam Ranch. I hope you enjoy them.