20+ photos of telecommunications

Not many know that in my prior life (pre-2009) I worked in the telecommunications industry. I managed the construction of telecommunications tower and antenna sites across the Midwest. This including managing real estate acquisition (or site acquisition) and engineering, too. It was a great career, but it was evolving, and I found photography much more fulfilling so I made the change.

Telecommunications is the reason I first got into photography. My first camera, a Canon EOS 20D, was purchased so I could zoom in on antennas to make sure crews were installing them correctly. I was through the practice of using that camera that I became hooked on photography.

As a result of my background I find myself photographing telecommunications facilities still from time to time. As such I decided to pull those photos of towers and photos of antennas together to create a gallery of telecommunications stock photography for you and others to see. That's what you see below; my latest installment in the series of 20+ photos. I know they are not as interesting as my photos of cowboys, photos of cowgirls, and photos of rural Montana, but to those in the communications industry I'm sure they serve a purpose. And of course, every time you use your cell phone in the Midwest it is possible you are talking via a tower or antenna site I helped build...some of which can be seen in the photos below.