My photo of Wisconsin captitol published on cover of a new book


The Wisconsin Historical Society Press reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked me about providing photography for the cover of a new book they are publishing all about the Wisconsin capitol. The book, which goes to press soon, features one of my photos of the Wisconsin capitol on the cover here.

Although I have not made many photos of Madison, Wisconsin in many years, they still prove to be popular. I hope to have an opportunity to return home for the first time in years this autumn and add some new photos to that collection and revisit my favorite building in the state--the Wisconsin state capitol. Until then, I will have a copy of this book by the Wisconsin Historical Society to hold me over until then. :)

New 2018 Montana calendar and 2018 Wisconsin calendar covers revealed

The new covers for my 2018 Montana calendar and 2018 Wisconsin calendar are now available to see. They are located above. Click on each of the photos to see them large. There will be more details in the days and weeks ahead about where and when you will be able to purchase one, which you will be able to do starting in late September.

After Harvest

A dramatic sky accentuates a freshly harvested field of wheat near Broadview, Montana.

Have you seen my black & white photos yet?

There's something sublime about black and white photography. The contrast of light and dark. The absence of color. Just the bones of the scene are present. And it offers an insight into the subject that color photography, for the most part, simply, cannot offer.

Black and white photography, unfortunately only has a market for those who wish to buy prints. Ad agencies, magazines, etc. don't generally want black and white photos. They prefer color, so there isn't a huge market for them. But that doesn't stop me from making them. Why? Because I like black and white photography.

If you have not yet seen my collection of black and white photos online, check them out now. Let me know what you think of them.

Cowgirl photo on cover of The Times Literary Supplement


One of my cowgirl photos appears today on the cover of The Times Literary Supplement in England. It is an honor to have one of my photos appear on the cover of such a prestigious publication.

The Times Literary Supplement is a weekly literary review magazine published in London, England by News UK, a subsidiary of News Corp. It was first published in 1902 and its contributors have included such literary giants as T. S. Eliot, Henry James, Gore Vidal, and Virginia Woolf.

American cowboy and cowgirl culture is still very popular in Europe. In some ways it is even more popular there than it is in the United States. Many of my followers hail from England and other western European countries. What a neat thing to see my work in print in the world's leading literary journal.