20+ photos of vaccinating cattle

A close-up of a Te Pari dosing gun used by ranchers to administer precise amounts of vaccines when vaccinating cattle.

There's a glamorous side to photographing agriculture and then there's a not so glamorous side. Any photographer enjoys photographing the more glamorous side to one of this nation's largest industries. Whether it is a cowboy riding a horse off into the sunset or a grower tending to an exotic crop, those are often the scenes I enjoy photographing when making agriculture photos. But there are less glamorous sides that require attention, too.

Vaccinating cattle is not a glamorous task. It often happens in the cold of winter and it is often far removed from the more romantic side to ranching. But it is necessary. And it is technical. And it is the more technical and necessary jobs on a ranch that I have committed myself to photographing more and more in the months and years ahead.

Recently I had a chance to photograph the routine of vaccinating cattle on ranches in Big Timber and Dillon, Montana. I will again have an opportunity to photograph vaccination on a ranch near Bridger, Montana soon, too. Those photos will be added to this gallery once they are done. But here is a sampling of photos of vaccinating cattle.

In what is my latest installment of 20+ photos I have included photos of ranchers vaccinating cattle. Be sure to check out the photos below. As an agriculture photographer they aren't necessarily my most romantic shots, but they do a good job of demonstrating how cattle are vaccinated I think.

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Photos of Bair Ranch published in Montana Magazine

My photos of sheep shearing appear in this month's issue of Montana Magazine, which is published by Lee Enterprises. It is always an honor as a Montana photographer to have my agriculture photos published in Montana Magazine, but even more so since they feature such a historical topic.

The photos appear in the March/April 2017 issue of Montana Magazine. Issues have already been sent out to those who are subscribers. And if you don't already have a subscription you should see the issue on newsstands all across Montana soon.

16 x 24 print donated to Blaine County Wildlife Museum auction

This photo of a deer looking into the setting sun on an autumn day near Fort Peck, Montana was donated to the Blaine County Wildlife Museum for its annual fundraiser auction. → Buy a Print or License Photo

I was approached by the Blaine County Wildlife Museum to see if I would be willing to contribute to their annual banquet and auction this year and was happy to help out. This year I will be donating one of my Montana wildlife photos. It is a framed 16x24 print of a buck called Autumn Deer (see above) and a free admittance to my How to Take Amazing Photos with Your DSLR online class, which starts March 28th.

The print will be framed at Ben Franklin Crafts in Havre, Montana, which I will purchase, so the winner can select a frame to best match their home or office.


My photo of Wisconsin captitol published on cover of a new book


The Wisconsin Historical Society Press reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked me about providing photography for the cover of a new book they are publishing all about the Wisconsin capitol. The book, which goes to press soon, features one of my photos of the Wisconsin capitol on the cover here.

Although I have not made many photos of Madison, Wisconsin in many years, they still prove to be popular. I hope to have an opportunity to return home for the first time in years this autumn and add some new photos to that collection and revisit my favorite building in the state--the Wisconsin state capitol. Until then, I will have a copy of this book by the Wisconsin Historical Society to hold me over until then. :)

New 2018 Montana calendar and 2018 Wisconsin calendar covers revealed

The new covers for my 2018 Montana calendar and 2018 Wisconsin calendar are now available to see. They are located above. Click on each of the photos to see them large. There will be more details in the days and weeks ahead about where and when you will be able to purchase one, which you will be able to do starting in late September.