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This is another in a series of new high resolution panoramic photographs of Montana I have made recently. The original image is nearly 150 megapixels in size. It is one of many new Montana photos that are super high resolution. This particular photograph is of the old school in the tiny unincorporated community of Pendroy, Montana in Teton County, Montana. It is a beautiful old building just looking for a new purpose. Hopefully something creative is done with it before it is too late. → Buy a Print or License Photo

Use your mouse to navigate the photo above. This image is 8000 pixels wide, whereas every other photo on this website is only 1500 pixels wide. The resolution of the master file is between 12,000 and 22,000 pixels wide. Have fun zooming all of the way in, all of the way out, and you can even share the image via social media.

This is one of many new high resolution panoramic photos of Montana in my collection. To enjoy them all go to:

Agawam Barn
20+ Panorama Photos

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