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If you drive through rural Montana you would have a hard time not crossing paths with a grain bin. And because they are so common, you might also have a hard time remembering you did so. Grain bins, you see, are probably the most utilitarian object on the rural landscape; designed to be more useful and practical than attractive. Like the lonely period that ends a sentence, though, grain bins serve a very useful purpose. I photograph a lot of them when making photographs of rural America. And my photos of grain bins are just minor tribute.

Some call them silos. Others call them farm bins. No matter what you call them, we know grain bins are used to store….grain. Farmers growing wheat, barley, soybeans, corn, and so many other crops depend on them. Most are round, though some are square. But they all dot the rural Montana landscape and provide punctuation mark (of sorts) to everything grain farmers do.

If you haven’t already seen my gallery of grain bin photos take a moment to look at them now. Hopefully you will be glad you did. Here is the link:

Cowboys & Indians Photo Contest
Photo Appears on University Website

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