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Christmas is Soon Here

Christmas is soon here. And as that annual winter holiday approaches, I am often reminded of how trees of all stripes and colors are such wonderful winter treats. I find trees surrounded with snow and covered with frost such a visual treat in the winter months. It is hard for me not to photograph them. …

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Groups of Things

When the opportunities are present, I love to photograph groups of things. The pattern many items photographed all at once can make for a very interesting photograph in my opinion. Groups of objects often create a cluster of shapes and color that can help tell a story like no other photograph. Those types of photos …

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Two Churches

Two different Lutheran churches more than 1200 miles apart, and yet they are similar in so many ways. I made both of these two photos approximately seven years apart. The top photo was taken inside Hogeland American Lutheran Church in Hogeland, Montana. The bottom photo was taken inside Primrose Lutheran Church in rural Belleville, Wisconsin. …

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Insane Cow Posse

Will anyone else out there find the humor in me naming this one “Insane Cow Posse,” or is the reference far too obscure? I am curious if you agree.

Collins School

The old abandoned schoolhouse in Collins, Montana. → Buy a Print or License Photo I took this photo a few years back in the tiny town of Collins, Montana. That place is located in Teton County and it is south of Brady, Montana. It is a photograph of the old abandoned schoolhouse that still stands there. To see …

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Badlands Photos Gallery

View fullsize A hoodoo, or rock formation, in the Terry Badlands near Terry, Montana. → Buy a Print or License Photo I’m currently adding new photo galleries to my website and right now I’m working on adding a new gallery of badlands photos. It will include photos of badlands in Montana and elsewhere, photos of hoodoos, photos of …

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