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As a agriculture photographer it is not uncommon for ad agencies, agribusinesses, and/or agricultural publications to license my agriculture photos for their projects. Such was the case with one of Montana’s premier rural cooperatives, Mountain View Cooperative. They relaunched a newsletter recently and licensed several of my ag photos for its use in the newsletter. This was not your typical project, though.

Mountain View Cooperative also contracted me to provide creative services where I was able to draw upon my extensive journalism, marketing, and graphic arts experience to help relaunch their website. Todd Klassy Photography was responsible for managing the layout and design of their new newsletter, provide agricultural photography, edit articles, and help deliver the newsletter to their customers and clients. It is planned this newsletter will be published at least twice a year and hopefully this will be an ongoing relationship with Mountain View Cooperative.

Below is the cover of their newsletter, which features one of my many agricultural stock photos.

If your company would like to employ my marketing, design, and journalism experience let me know. I can do more than provide farming photos. And I would love to help. 



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