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I signed an agreement this week with the Montana Department of Agriculture which will give the state access to all of my Montana agriculture photography on a subscription basis so they can promote Montana’s agriculture goods online. This agreement includes the licensing of more than 1,000 photos; many more than what you will find here on my website. The Montana Department of Agriculture has the right to use the agriculture photos on its website and on social media.


This is not the first time I have signed just such a deal. I also signed a subscription agreement with a Montana based company to use some of my industrial stock photography, too. The agreements were similar, and I will probably do this more and more in the future as companies and organizations like the Montana Department of Agriculture have a need to have fresh, new Montana stock photography to use online.

The Montana Department of Agriculture has already begun using some of my photos on their Facebook page and I’m starting to see them used more and more on their website now, too. Hopefully this will turn into a multi-year agreement where they continue to use my agriculture photos and photos of rural Montana for many more years to come.

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