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One of the dangers when herding cattle at times is when one of the animals gets spooked and has a mind of its own. Especially when it is a calf. Such was the case on the Gordon Cattle Company Ranch when a small red Angus calf darted from the herd and headed straight for a nearby reservoir. Well out of reach of anyone on the ground, cowboy Larry Klingaman, of Chinook, Montana expertly and calmly guided his horse to the edge of the body of water, dipped the horse’s head, and roped the calf, pulling him to safety.

Larry is a talented cowboy who performs similar tasks on a regular basis. He’s good with his horse, good with cattle, good with neighbors, and good with his family, which includes a brood of kids. His skills were honed on the prairies of eastern Montana where he works hard as a cowboy to keep his family fed. And what’s more, he does it with a broad smile every day regardless of what life throws at him. Rescue a calf from the reservoir? Sure. But to do so calmly and with the aplomb of a surgeon? That takes a special man.

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