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I have some sad news for Montanans. This week Montana Magazine, Montana’s oldest periodical, has published its final issue. The magazine, which is owned by Lee Enterprises (the same company that owns many daily newspapers in Montana and across the country), decided it was time to close the magazine’s doors. The final issue will appear on newsstands early next week.

Many of my Montana photos have appeared on the cover of Montana Magazine and inside the magazine too, so it is especially sad news for me. Millennials simply do not read newspapers and magazines like people once did. The only silver lining is that I have the honor of having my photo appear on the cover of the final issue (see above). I also have the bittersweet honor of having the final photo published in the back of the magazine, too. If you want a piece of Montana history and keepsake be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine soon. They probably won’t last long.

Goodbye, Montana Magazine. It was nice knowing you.

Epic Montana Harvest Video
Published on cover of The Cattle Journal

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