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There are a couple new places where you can pick up a copy of my new 2017 Montana Calendar, including one new spot in Havre. Starting late next week you will be able to walk into North 40 Outfitters in either Havre or Great Falls and pick up a shiny new copy of my 2017 Montana Calendar, which is chock full of Montana photography.

North 40 Outfitters Logo

That’s right, in addition to picking up a copy at any Costco in Montana, Gary & Leo’s IGA in Havre, Conrad, or Great Falls, or buy one online at or, you will be able t get a copy at North 40 Outfitters. And we know much Christmas shopping we all like to do at North 40 Outfitters here in north central Montana. Am I right? So don’t walk but run down to North 40 Outfitters in either Havre or Great Falls today. Tell ’em Todd Klassy sent you! 🙂

Here are the addresses and telephone numbers for the Havre and Great Falls, Montana North 40 Outfitters stores:

1753 U.S. Highway 2 NW
Havre, Montana 59501
Phone: 406-265-9566

Great Falls
4400 10th Avenue South
Great Falls, Montana 59405
Phone: 406-761-7441

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