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The publication Tri-State Livestock News recently published several of my cowboy photos and a brief article written by me to commemorate National Day of the Cowboy, which honors the hard working men and women on ranches and cowboy culture every year on the fourth Saturday in July. This year National Day of the Cowboy is held on July 22nd.

For several years now my ranching photography has been used to help commemorate the date. Last year my photos were featured on RFD-TV and in other years my photos have been featured in several Montana daily newspapers. This year I was glad to be published in the region’s leading ranching publication.

As you sit down this week and eat some beef, which is very likely given the fact that the United States Department of Agriculture figures American men on average eat 6.9 oz. of meat per day and women eat 4.4 oz. (of which 55% is red meat), be sure to remember the men and women who helped put that food on your plate. And the cowboy culture that helped build our country and make it so great.




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