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I recently provided a framed piece of my art, especially selected by the nurses at the Bozeman Health Wound Clinic in Bozeman, Montana, to be hung in their clinic. The nurses selected one of my Montana photos of aspen trees called “Aspen Filled Sky.” It was a special project since I recently received some care there. I had to match not only the strict standards for the hospital’s policy to help prevent the spread of disease when selecting materials for the framed print, but I also had to match the frame so it would match the existing prints in the facility. It was a difficult task, but in the end I succeeded and Bozeman Health was very happy.

This is another example of how my photography can be used in Montana’s office buildings, hospitals and healthcare facilities, restaurants, and hotels. I enjoy providing my art for Montana corporate art and Montana commercial art installations.

If you have a business that needs corporate or commercial art using my library of Montana photography, please be sure to let me know.

Happy Birthday America!
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