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A John Deere combine threshing previously cut wheat on a farm near Big Sandy, Montana. → Buy a Print or License Photo

I have photographed three wheat harvest seasons so far in Montana and just now decided I needed a photo gallery dedicated exclusively to the photos of harvest I have made over the years. A lot of photos of harvest have already been made. Many more will be made in the years ahead.

Harvest season in Montana, especially in the Golden Triangle, is a feast to behold for a photographer…especially one who enjoys making photos of agriculture. At its peak the dust and chaff from all of the harvesters trimming the wheat across the vast Montana landscape hides the sun so much it creates an eerie orange hue over the land. On a small rise looking over the relatively flat plains one can see hundreds of combines of every make and color sailing across oceans of wheat, mowing down that year’s crop and collecting its berries for shipment across the world.

Some years these farmers do quite well. Recently, not so much. Wheat prices have plummeted to new lows, and as such many farmers have cut back the number of acres they are planting…and as a result, the number of acres they ultimately harvest, too. They all pray for higher grain prices, but with more and more acres of wheat being planted around the world in other countries such as China, India, and Russia, it is becoming harder and harder for these farmers to earn a buck.

In my latest installment of 20+ Photos I have included some of my favorite photos from harvest season, including photos of wheat, chickpeas, barley, corn, and more. If you have not already seen my other galleries of photos, please check them out now. Otherwise have fun viewing these photos of harvest. Hope you enjoy.

Portrait of a Cowboy
Cowboy Dawn

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