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I am happy to announce I recently sold 11 very large framed prints of Montana photos to Gary & Leo’s IGA in Havre, Montana. It is one of many Montana corporate art sales I have made so far this year. The framed prints are part of a major new remodeling effort the locally owned Havre grocery store has been undergoing all summer long. When the prints are hung in another couple of weeks or so you will see them on the perimeter on all four walls of the store.

Great care was taken to select the right images to tell the story of north central Montana and to give both their customers and their staff something wonderful to look at for years to come. The photos were printed onto canvas and then mounted onto hardboard. A UV resistant coating was then added to the prints and so too was a 3″ frame and security hardware.

Below are the photos that will appear in Gary & Leo’s IGA. When the photos are installed I will be sure to share some of those images with you, too.

Note from Senator Steve Daines
This Old Fence

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