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A close up of my bacon wrapped scallops ordered recently from the Stetsons Restaurant in the Yogo Inn in Lewistown, Montana.  → License Photo

I work on the road making my farm and ranch photography. A lot. And sometimes when you travel on the road, especially when the refrigerator in my RV is on the fritz like it has been for the past several weeks, I will order my dinner from a local restaurant. One of my pet peeves in doing so, though, is discovering that most restaurants don’t have their menus online. Now I can understand why a restaurant doesn’t have a website; although they should. And I can understand why they might consider it a hassle to create a menu online so everyone can see it; although they should. But if you can’t even bother to take a photo of your menu and post it to your Facebook page, well, not only are you losing business, you’re showing your customers how lazy you are. In both cases you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Want to increase your sales? Take 5 minutes to photograph your menu and put it on Facebook. Because if you don’t, this customer (and many others) just might order from the restaurant down the road who does.

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