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I’m constantly sending files all over the country to clients and prospective clients. The three most common ways for me to send photos in the mail is by CD, DVD, and USB flash drive. CDs are inexpensive, but they can only hold 700MB of data; or in my case about 4 or 5 high resolution photos. And how often does that happen? Not very. Might as well use Dropbox or Google Drive to send clients my photos. A DVD can hold more…about 4.7GB of data or about 35 high resolution TIFF photo files, but again, DVDs have their limitations. For example, the maximum capacity for DVDs may not actually be what you can store on a DVD. DVD manufacturers use different standards so a DVD that says 4.7GB may only store 4.2GB of data. And while it is cheaper to send a DVD (like a CD) through the mail, it too lacks capacity. And it also lacks impact if you are trying to make a statement. What’s more, CDs and DVDs are notoriously unreliable when it comes to long term storage and clients almost always through them out after downloading the photos. This is one reason why I tend to send photos to clients using a USB flash drive instead.

Flash drives can be purchased in almost any size, from 500MB all of the way up to 256GB and beyond. Also, they are increasingly inexpensive and they make much more of an impact. And if you send the right USB flash drive, it may be something your client continues to use over the years. That’s why I put my logo on my flash drives. What a perfect opportunity to brand and pitch your business.

The company I am using now for my branded USB flash drives is USB Memory Direct ( The offer many different flash drives in many different styles and colors. And each of them can be inexpensively adorned with my company logo.

I like the BP Custom Flash Drives sold by USB Memory Direct. They have a durable plastic exterior that has a soft, elegant feel. And I think they are the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. Just the right size to compel my customers to hang on to them for years. And with my logo, a perfect opportunity to remind them about me and my business.

If you are in the market for branded USB flash drives be sure to check out USB Memory Direct. They have earned the Todd Klassy seal of approval. 🙂

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