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An abandoned old building on the east side of the Ruby Mountains near Elko, Nevada. → Buy a Print or License Photo

After spending a few weeks making photos in California I made the slow trek across the northern lip of Nevada very close the same route I took getting to California. When I first came through the area in early July I made a mental note to spend a couple of days here on my way back through to make some travel photography because I fell in love with the scenery.

Located very near to Elko, Nevada, the Ruby Valley and Ruby Mountains is a truly beautiful place. On the northern side of what is called the range and basin region, this place is a beautiful mixture of mountains, and plains, and desert, and landscapes. Especially at sunset, the mountains come to life and are made beautiful by the day’s last light. Like north central Montana, there are many abandoned homesteads on the plains here. But the mountains offer an interesting backdrop that the pure plains do not offer.

This is a gallery of 20+ photos I made over two days while exploring the Ruby Valley. It won’t be the last time I photograph here. I’m already planning a return trip next year.

Panorama of Crazy Mountains
Ag Photography Daily Yonder

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