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Outside of the photography and agricultural communities, few people are familiar with the Palouse region of eastern Washington. It covers an area from Spokane, Washington south to the southeastern corner of the state and north central Idaho and west almost to the Columbia River. The is Steptoe Butte, a 3612-foot tall mountain of quartzite that rises high above some of the most beautiful rolling hills anywhere in America.

Lush fields of wheat, barley, peas, and lentils fill the slopes of the Palouse and this place offers a magnificent site for anyone who is lucky to visit there.

Over the years I have visited there a few times, making photos of agriculture, beautiful landscapes, and old barns, and much more. If you have not yet seen my gallery of photos of the Palouse region then why don’t you check it out now? Here is the link:

Baling Straw
Panorama of Benchland Elevator

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