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This photo of a cowboy tending to a herd of cattle near Cleveland, Montana might make the final cut in my new book of Montana cowboys. → Buy a Print

Can you keep a secret? In late 2016 I will be publishing my first book. It will be a photo book (of course) and it will feature photos of Montana cowboys…including many never-before-seen photos of cowboys from my vault. The plan is that this beautiful photo book will go to the presses in early November and be available in time for Christmas. Work on its layout and design is already underway. More details about how you can get a copy will be available before summer.

That said, in order to provide a comprehensive book of Montana cowboys, however, I need to make more photos of cowboys in more places around the state. So if you know a rancher who will allow me to photograph on their ranch in 2016 please let me know. Although I am interested in knowing the names of ranchers who will have me photograph activity on their ranches, I do have a tentative schedule planned for the coming year. That means I am much more apt to photograph a ranch in the following general locations during these months in 2016:



Livingston, Paradise Valley
Dillon, Ennis
Augusta, Choteau, Shelby
Miles City, Billings, Roundup
Conrad, Fort Benton
Malta, Jordan, Plentywood


So if you are a rancher, or if you know of a rancher who will be so kind to let me be a pest for a day or two in 2016 and chronicle their way of life with my camera please let me know. You can email me at

And if you are a cowgirl, don’t fret. I will be making more photos of real cowgirls in 2016, too. The plan is to publish a new book every year featuring a different icon of what makes Montana so great (i.e. cowboys, mountains, fly fishing, Indians, farmers, prairies, etc.). So you cowgirls, you will have your moment to shine soon, too. Every book will share a similar layout and binding and be a different volume creating a complete set.

The Pink Church
Old No. 10

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