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One of my photos of Madison—a photo of the sunburst chairs on the Memorial Union Terrace—appears on the new UW website’s home page. → Buy a Print or License Photo

My photograph of the sunburst chairs on the Memorial Union Terrace on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, Wisconsin appears on the new University of Wisconsin website’s home page ( It is one of 10 rotating images to appear on the new website, so if you go there looking for my photo and don’t see it, just hit “refresh” a few times on your browser. Inevitably it will show up. And I think their new website design is killer. And not just because they licensed the use of my photograph either. But it helps. 🙂

This is just one of the many Madison photos from my collection. To see the rest you can check them out here:

New Photos of Grain Bins
Band of Horses

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