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A photo of the Madison, Wisconsin skyline across Lake Monona with an old fashioned look and feel. → Buy a Print

I was asked recently by a client if I could turn some of my photos into something that had a more rustic look. They wanted to install the photographs in a corporate office building in Madison, Wisconsin and loved the look and feel of black and white photography, but wanted something different; something that was a little different than what others might have in their lobbies.

Once they explained what they were looking for, and their desire to have something old fashioned and rustic I went to work. I have always been enamored with the look and feel of cyanotype and daguerreotype photos, so I tried to take was were clearly very modern photos and make them fit within those damaged, grunge-like, old fashioned, retro styles. The results are what you see here.

I was very pleased with the results. Lucky for me, my client was even more pleased.

An old fashioned photo of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin with a rough, stained look. → Buy a Print

Farmall M on Steel
Painting Inspired by My Photo

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