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A snow covered 1966 Chevrolet Impala in Blanchardville, Wisconsin. → Buy a Print

One of the advantages of black & white photography is that it goes well in any room. Color photos might be true to the scene when the photo was made, but the dominant color in the photo may not match the color scheme in your room. A purple photograph, for example, will not look well in a room with yellow walls. This is one reason why you will see more black and white photos in the months ahead. Many of my people have asked for more black and white photos.

This particular image is that of a snow covered Chevrolet Impala. Whenever it snows I like to hit the road early to make photos before people have a chance to shovel it or sweep it away. And this is one example why. I think virgin snow makes a much better photograph.

Forgotten Farm
Oil Stained Sky

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